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April 18, 2023
Omega Hospital Reopens After Hurricane Ida Repairs Completed
The unique hospital, one of the few independent physician-owned remaining in Louisiana, offers patients a compelling alternative to large health systems.
Omega Hospital, an award-winning specialty surgical hospital located in Metairie, today announced that it has returned to full operations after sustaining damage in late 2021 from Hurricane Ida. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the campus on Wednesday, April 26th at 12 PM.
The independent physician-owned hospital continues its 20-year history as an attractive alternative to the large health systems of Greater New Orleans and Gulf South regions. A physician-, patient-, and employee-centric hospital, Omega was acquired by renowned hand surgeon and local entrepreneur Dr. Eric George in 2005. Under George’s leadership, the hospital introduced an innovative model for surgical care that offered physicians flexible scheduling, unparalleled provider support, and a voice in administrative decision-making. The hospital also enhanced the patient experience by offering high-end accommodations, total RN care, and one of the industry’s lowest nurse-to-patient ratios. Omega quickly earned distinction for its clinical quality, status as a top place to work, and standing as a physician-run specialty surgical hospital.
“At Omega, we prioritize physicians, patients, and employees. Healthcare isn’t a zero-sum essential service. Every stakeholder matters and is valued tremendously. None are undermined by hospital administration. That leads to better care, outcomes, and experience—no matter your side of the table. Rather than tie down our physicians with the bureaucracy found at other hospitals, we empower them to drive a model that delivers the highest quality of compassionate surgical care. For two decades, we’ve proved that this model works. What doesn’t work is when healthcare treats you like a number. Personalization is key, whether you’re a patient, physician, or employee.” ~Dr. George, Chairman of the Board at Omega Hospital.
Healthcare professionals are encouraged to review Omega’s career openings on the hospital’s Facebook page or website.

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